Reluming since 1998

Manual relume is one of our specialties. It is a unique work and an almost an extinct art in today's watchmakers industry. For us, reluming means a constant process of creative learning, through continuous research and improvement of techniques.

Our workshop is equipped with modern tools to help us carry out the work with the highest possible quality.

To achieve the best finish, we like to use an optimal selection of varnishes and pigments individually adapted to each type of dial. Before applying the lumen we carry out several preliminary tests, until an optimal mixture is achieved, so that the flow during application is continuous and the points, markers or numbers can be covered more evenly. Other factors such as atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature, the diameter of the applicator and the general condition of the watchdial can also influence the final outcome.


Customer outside Europe:
Please note, we only accept work orders for watch parts such as dials, hands and bezels only,  we do not accept complete watches.

For Reluming we use a large variety of blends and colors, made of high quality pigments.